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October 23, 2006
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More character models for DFH, this time, it's NCH85's team, the Digibees (and their secret weapon, Meow meow the parang weilding cat).

When I first saw the Digibees, I actually thought they were fanart from an existing manga, but it turned out they were his original creations, making them ten times more impressive. I just love the way he's designed these girls, they're just awesome funky techno bootykickaliscious.

From left to right:

Meow meow: a cat with a knife. Meow Meow is extremily fast with his paws and feet, but lacks damage dealing ability without his Parang. Luckilly, his weaker attacks fill his special guage quite quickly on contact, and his special attacks are devistating. Meow meow has the ability to auto-switch, attack, and then retreat at any time. This is perfect for attempting to fill his special guage while he's sitting safely on the sidelines.

Yumiko: The leader of the Digibees and a keen medium range fighter. Wheter she's using her fists, guns, or her robot suits, Yumiko can deal lots of damage rather quickly. However, some of her attacks can lead into long and involved chain routines involving the other digibees. If the player doesn't know what they're doing, they can expose their teammates to danger. Yumiko's power must be used with the correct strategy if she is to succeed.

Anna: Anna is a close range fighter. She's fast and has a medium damage dealing capacity, and her high frequency sword slashes can allow her to instantly cut through her opponent and get to the other side of the stage, even if they're guarding. This is useful for setting up Meow meow's cheap shots.

Yoko: A sturdy long-range fighter. Although capable of mid range combat, Yoko is rather slow, even though her attacks pack a huge punch. She excells as a long range attacker, using a variety of large guns that are not only used for offense, but also as a sheild against enemy attacks. Conveniantly, Yoko can fire her weapons from backstage, even though some of these take time to charge up.

After I'd finished making this, I realised I'd animated them to a 160 beat, meaning that I had to make up a whole new piece of music for them to bop to. Rather than do that, I just used a shortened working version of Sean's winning theme from Rave Battle, heh.

Characters are (C) NCH85.

Destruction Force Hyper is (C) Ryanide, do not distribute or steal.
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