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January 6, 2007
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Iron Will-gift for NCH85 by Ryanide Iron Will-gift for NCH85 by Ryanide
*WARNING! THIS MUSIC IS LOUD...AND HYPER! (Rock+Techno+Rave+Freestyle+190bpm)*


However, the reason for that is that this piece of music was made for and his cool flash animations. As a great inspiration to me, I thought that I would create a major gift for NCH and my other main inspirations on Deviantart.

Because NCH is such a good animator himself, he doesn't need an animation from me, so I figured why not make some specific music for his latest Flash Rave style vid,-"The Karnage Incident"

Basically, I made this song to his animation, so it suits it perfectly. I have given NCH permission to use this song in his Flash, and if he doesn't want it, it will become Reeth's theme in Rave Battle.

This was made entirely in FLstudio5, and all the loops were made from scratch. I used no presets whatsoever.

And has LYRICS. However, I haven't gotten around to recording them yet. Either way, here are the Lyrics. Some of the pronuonciation and breaks are very specific, so I doubt it would be much help, but whatever:

Note: Lyrics in brackets are sung in a different voice from the main. This is Karnage's mind talking to him.

Iron Will

Never will I fall to you
(I am more than you can handle)
No surrender through and through
(tower standing strong)
Full resistance, it's my way
(pressure is my second nature)
I'll defend my legacy
(till my days are done)
Forward now I see you move
(and my heart is pounding strongly)
All your hatred blurs my mind
(come and bring it on)
Make way now, I'm coming through
(I am getting out of here now)
I have had enough of you
(and the scent of fear)

As the battle rages on, I'm falling out of sanity
(there, little fighter, don't be shy now, don't be scared, it's do or die now)
And this haze before my eyes is thicker than it was before
(strike now, watch your back, I can feel my blood is boiling)
restraining my fear, restraining my spite
Searching deep within me for a pinpoint of light
(this isn't fair, I know it's not right-I'm fighting for my life)

-Feel no pain, yet there's so much to gain
I don't know what I've become
But deep inside I'm unchanged (and so strong)

Iron Will, my soul you cannot kill
I hope you're getting a thrill
From being constantly defeated by me

All my drive comes from my right to survive
As long as I am alive
I'll keep on fighting for my stolen freedom

You're no match, no matter what the catch
Now step aside and be gone
It's time I end this game and move along

*Chorus out*
Burning more
My rage is true and raw
I'll never be the same
As I once was before...Held up by-

Courage and pride
I just want to stay alive
And if it means I must fight
then I'm ready for the worst you've got for me!

*music break*

*repeat chorus and chorus out as required*

Yes, I'm still a musical newbie, and I don't even know all the proper terms, but I feel this turned out pretty good, actually. One of my better pieces.

Even so, I'd like feedback on how it could be improved. sometimes it seems to suffer because there are so many instruments, and the bit at the end is perhaps a bit too hectic...

Anyway, DON'T YOU DARE USE THIS SONG IN A FLASH BEFORE NCH85 DOES! Ask me first before using ANY of my songs.

Tune and lyrics (c) Ryanide 2007. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!!!1

EDIT: Proffate went through this with me and got rid of all the peaking! No more horrible scratchings, hehe!
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Terrortheslayer Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
cool :)
AnthroTsuneon Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2010  Student Writer
is it me or won't the music play? x.x
Mika-Cupcake Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Download file :3
tarukatheultimate Featured By Owner May 21, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh!
BandanaStan Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
Now how in the world did I miss commenting on this?

Anyways, VERY nice work on this piece! And you said you were still a musical newbie when you made this?

As far as critique goes, I know very little about music composition or theory so I'm kind of useless in that department, sorry. I'll go ahead and give a shot at it regardless. I noticed you'd said it suffers from there being too many instruments and at times I suppose they do seem to mesh together a little too much, but it's only for two seconds at the most in the parts I've noticed.

Personally, I'd say that if you had used any more or fewer instruments it just wouldn't have carried the same intensity that it does.

It kind of reminds me of ASK in a way.
Ryanide Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
ASK have always been a huge inspiration for me and are responsible for shaping my musical aesthetic into what it is now.

And yeah, even today I still consider this one of my better compositions. However, It could use more base.
BandanaStan Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008
I'd say this and Tabasco Magic are my favorites of your composition work.

ASK is a really great group. I didn't even realize they existed until stumbling upon some Savior Cat animation that used Ride Out as its theme.
seleina-scorpio Featured By Owner May 31, 2008
i can see the animation, my computer isnt letting me
Ecoblood Featured By Owner May 26, 2008
:iconpyritie:{it is really good can i use it)
Kasa-Kitsune Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2008
love the rythm to it
i tried singing the lyrics in my head but its hard to keep up with the music owell still sounds cool though
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